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Student Training Module for Schools without Brainshark

For schools without access to Brainshark, use this video with students to meet your school’s yearly Policy requirements.


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CHAMPS II: Curriculum Behavior Support Plan

This 6 part Series assists teachers and CPS Teams in creating Behavior Support Plans based on the 4 Step Problem Solving Process. CHAMPs II is designed to assist a small percentage of students who do not respond to Core behavioral classroom strategies, such as CHAMPs, and require Supplemental behavior strategies at Tier 1 or behavior interventions at Tier 2. […]

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School-Wide Positive Behavior Plan

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Investigative Designee Policy 5010

In accordance with SBBC’s Dating Violence Policy 5010, each school has an Investigative Designee who is designated by the school Principal.  The Investigative Designee is responsible for receiving and investigating all dating violence reports, as well as ensuring school-wide adherence to Policy requirements.   Investigative Designees will complete their required yearly training by clicking on the Training Module button.

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Red Ribbon Week


Red Ribbon Week is the nation’s oldest and largest drug prevention program and reaches millions of Americans each year from October 23rd to October 31st in thousands of schools, communities and drug abuse prevention organizations.   Red Ribbon Anti-Drug Campaign is a community’s response to tragedy to honor Special Agent KiKi Camarena’s […]

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Anti-Bullying Quiz Center


How well do you know your facts about bullying? 

Bullying Quiz

Cyberbullying Quiz

Cyberbullying Quiz 2

Bullying Quiz for Parents

Challenge yourself by taking one or more of the quizzes.  Get the questions […]

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Beyond CHAMPs for Staff without Assigned Classrooms

Access this 4-part Brainshark series for staff without active classrooms.  These staff may interact with or supervise students, but do not have an actual assigned classroom. This may include Paraprofessionals, Bus Assistants, Support Staff, Cafeteria Staff, Bus Operators, etc.   These series can be used by individual staff or with groups in Professional Learning Communities. A team in the school, such […]

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  • Student dv cover

    Student Dating Violence Prevention Training Module Grades 6-12

Student Dating Violence Prevention Training Module Grades 6-12

In accordance with SBBC’s Dating Violence Policy 5010, below are the mandated training for all Broward County Public Schools’ students grades 6 through 12.  These universal dating violence training modules are used to help build an academic culture of health, wellness, safety, respect and excellence.  Click to Log on to Brainshark and have your students view the module.

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