get real about violence

Get Real about Violence (GRAV) is a K-12, research-based prevention program that addresses a wide range of violent behavior in students-from bullying and verbal aggression at early grades through fighting and social exclusion at middle grades to relationship abuse and assaults that can occur in later grades. GRAV places emphasis on enlisting the support of bystanders, changing violent norms, teaching social skills, and building communication and partnerships between adults and youth to stop violence.The GRAV multimedia curriculum consists of three separate modules.

GRAV’s modules address your students’ vulnerability to violence, contributors to violence, and alternatives to violenceand safety amongst the staff and students.

As part of the Broward County Public School’s efforts to keep our district safe and respectful, DCO&P purchased a GRAV site license for the district.  This proven curriculum is available to BCPS Teachers in the Prevention Program’s CAB Conference, on their CAB Desktop.   Here is how to access the materials.