The School Board of Broward County has approved the District’s comprehensive Anti-Bullying Policy 5.9. The policy was designed with the assistance of the District’s Office of Prevention Programs and Student Support Services, under the Safe Schools Healthy Students Grant initiative to help ensure all of our students and staff can feel safe and respected while attending school.

One of the most essential pieces of the Policy is the role of the Investigative Designee.  Each and every school within our District has an Investigative Designee – designated by the school Principal.  The Investigative Designee is the person within the school who:

1) Receives ALL bullying complaints,

2) Investigates all bullying complaints, and

3) Ensures the schoolwide adherence of the Policy requirements (anonymous reporting boxes, etc.)

ONLY the Investigative Designee performs bullying investigations, but a school may choose to have one Investigative Designee per grade, all of whom must be administrators. You can learn more about the Investigative Designee and the bullying complaint investigation process by watching the below video:

Watch the Investigative Designee Training Video:

Download Video

Each school also has a Prevention Liaison who handles the dissemination of prevention resources.  The Prevention Liaison is not to be confused with the Investigative Designee, to help make their roles more clear, please see the chart: