one-column-img2-540x272BEEP:  The Broward Enterprise Education Portal (BEEP) is a secure, single point of access to digital resources for teaching and learning. BEEP provides resources to School District employees and has innumerable videos, classroom exercises and lesson plans including Discovery Health resource.
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health Interactive products are used by teachers, parents, and kids to address important youth health issues, including physical activity, nutrition, and social and emotional well-being.  Miami Children’s Hospital and have joined forces to provide Broward Schools with valuable health curriculum. Broward County teachers can access grade-appropriate activities to enhance their prevention efforts year-round. The free, K to 12, comprehensive online curriculum addresses knowledge, attitudes, and skills development. Lesson plans, videos, instructional strategies, role-plays and much more is available. The curriculum is aligned with Common Core State Standards Initiatives. Visit



Long Live Kids is delivered by Concerned Children’s Advertisers provides children, parents and educators with tools (lessons, videos, etc.) for healthy eating, violence prevention, active living and improved media literacy.


Leaps-web-IconLeaps provides comprehensive lesson plans and interactive multi-modal assessment tools. Access Leaps curriculum now!




The ‘Planting Seeds of Prevention’ Curriculum Book can serve as a teaching tool and one stop shop for all your prevention needs related to this subject area for both primary and secondary grades.  Click on the cover to access the Health and Wellness lessons.

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Reality Avenue’s “Life as a Teenager: How Stressful is it REALLY?”
Each Reality Avenue program has a set of Follow-Up Discussion Prompters, Classroom Activities & Assignments that have been created with corresponding Sunshine State Standards. They are designed to be used by school staff following the viewing of that specific program. To view or download the Follow-Up Discussion Prompters, Classroom Activities & Assignments for use following the viewing of the Reality Avenue program, “Life as a Teenager: How Stressful is it REALLY?”, please click here. download video classroom activities


Reality Avenue’s “Depression and Anger: Who REALLY Controls Your Emotions?”

Download and utilize this show to help your students explore their emotions. During it then can discover h0w much control they have really have over how they feel.  Everyone has bad things happen, but it’s the messages we tell ourselves that often determine how long we feel bad about the event. Download Video