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The 21st Century Community Learning Centers (21st CCLC) program is a key component of the “No Child Left Behind Act” that is designed to help students meet state and local academic standards.  The program funds academic enrichment and remediation services at for children and their families.  The 21st CCLC activities are offered before school, after school, on Saturdays and/or during the summer at no cost to the students or their families.

We are pleased to announce our new 21st CCLC programs at the following schools: Lauderhill Paul Turner Elementary – Dillard Elementary & Markham Elementary – Pinewood Elementary.

To learn more about 21st Century Community Learning Centers programs, contact Tresha Fletcher at [email protected]


Our 21st Century Programs are soaring beyond expectations!

Congratulations to Markham Elementary, our spotlight school of the month! Watch Markham’s highlight video below.

Formative and Summative Reports
Grant Narratives
Center Information
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Apollo & South Broward Program Highlights
Apollo Events, Aug. – Dec. 2017
Apollo Events, Jan. – May 2018
Apollo Events, June – July 2018
South Broward Events, Aug. – Dec. 2017
South Broward Events, Jan. – May 2018
South Broward Events, June – July 2018
Attucks & Olsen Program Highlights
Attucks Events, Aug. – Dec. 2017
Attucks Events, Jan. – May 2018
Attucks Events, June – July 2018
Olsen Events, Aug. – Dec. 2017
Mathematics is a Piece of Pie
Olsen Events, Jan. – May 2018
Olsen Events, June – July 2018
Rock Island & Thurgood Marshall
Rock Island Events, Aug. – Dec. 2017
Parent Night
Rock Island Events, Jan. – May 2018
Rock Island Events, June – July 2018
Thurgood Marshall Events, Aug. – Dec. 2017
Thurgood Marshall Events, Jan. – May 2018
Thurgood Marshall, June – July 2018
Broward Estates & Parkway Program Highlights
Broward Estates Events, Aug. – Dec. 2017
Broward Estates Events, Jan. – May 2018
Broward Estates Events, June – July 2018
Parkway Events, Aug. – Dec. 2017
Parway Events, Jan. – May 2018
Parkway Events, June – July 2018
Lauderdale Lakes & Coconut Creek Program Highlights
Lauderdale Lakes Events, Aug. – Dec. 2017
Science & Art
Lauderdale Lakes Events, Jan. – May 2018
Lauderdale Lakes Events, June – July 2018
Coconut Creek Events, Aug. – Dec. 2017
Cheerleading & Women’s Rights
Coconut Creek Events, Jan. – May 2018
Coconut Creek, June – July 2018
North Side & Plantation Program Highlights
North Side Events, Aug. – Dec. 2017
North Side Events, Jan. – May 2018
North Side Events, June – July 2018
Plantation Events, Aug. – Dec. 2017
Plantation Events, Jan. – May 2018
Plantation, June – July 2018
Pinewood & Markham Program Highlights
Pinewood Events, Aug. – Dec. 2017
Pinewood Events, Jan. – May 2018
Pinewood Events, June – July 2018
Markham Events, Aug. – Dec. 2017
Markham Matters Academy
Markham Events, Jan. – May 2018
Markham, June – July 2018
Dillard & Lauderhill Paul Turner Program Highlights

Dillard Events, Aug. – Dec. 2017
All About Me Vision Boards/ Slime Activity
Dillard Events, Jan. – May 2018
Dillard Events, June – July 2018
Lauderhill Paul Turner Events, Aug. – Dec. 2017
Chess PBL
Lauderhill Paul Turner Events, Jan. – May 2018
Lauderhill Paul Turner, June – July 2018
Archived Events

Broward Estates

Students at Broward Estates are learning about kinetic and potential energy by building roller coasters!

Fourth graders at Broward Estates building balloon hover crafts, robot hands and bridge models for their STEM activity.

Nutrition: Choose right, live well.

Hot Food, Hot Topic!

New River Middle

Sea STARS Special Events:

  • Zumba Fitness: February 12, 2016

  • Black History: February 23, 2016

North Fork Elementary

North Fork Family College Night

Parkway Middle


Rock Island 

Health Night-Dancing with a purpose

Let’s move initiative sponsored by First Lady Michelle Obama…Growing fresh fruit and vegetables

Students painting geometric shapes!

Parent Night

Thurgood Marshall

Students at Thurgood Marshall are using cooperative learning to interact with new knowledge!

Third and fourth grade students at Thurgood Marshall making “Hooverville” houses. The students were very interested in learning about The Great Depression and how life was different 85 years ago!

Thurgood Marshall 21st CCLC students creating champions visiting the Miami Dolphins training camp.

Program Schools
Summer Programs


21st Century Community Learning Centers (CCLC) Summer Programs

The 21st CCLC program is a grant funded summer program that is offered at a limited number of schools in Broward County.  Participation is limited to students who live within the host schools’ primary attendance boundary.  The program targets students that are in need of academic enrichment and remediation services.  Interested parents should contact the school’s Site Facilitator/Lead directly to inquire about program availability. 

Click here to view the 21 Century Summer Programs for Summer 2018

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