This 7-part Brainshark series for teachers with active classrooms explores each of the key components of an effectively managed classroom. Each Brainshark focuses on one component in detail, allowing the participant to learn, implement, and practice only one new skill at a time.  These series can be recommended for individual staff and teachers to complete or can be used with groups in Professional Learning Communities. A team in the school, such as the Leadership or Discipline Team would be responsible for determining best training options and then providing ongoing coaching.  These courses are open for the majority of the school year; participants must register with our office, successfully complete the series, and complete the online appraisal BEFORE MAY 23rd. Further information regarding this can be found in the Introduction Brainshark of each series or by calling DPI.

This series can be accessed below:

1. Introduction & Structure

2. Signal

3. Expectations

4. Rules

5. Corrective Consequences

6. Motivation Strategies

7. Engagement Strategies

Classroom Management Plan


Instructional Resources