This year’s Above the Influence (ATI) March will take place Saturday, December 9th at the City of Miramar Amphitheater at 9:00am.
ATI is brought to you annually by Broward County Public Schools in partnership with community agencies.  Every student’s life is filled with pressure, some of it good, some of it bad. The goal of ATI is to help students stand up to negative pressures and influences such as drugs and alcohol, bullying, discrimination, or any other destructive behavior or attitude. The annual ATI March helps our students celebrate their choice to live Above the Influence of negative pressures.  Utilize the ATI March Toolkit lessons and assembly materials below in preparation for the March.
The ATI Toolkit is designed to increase students’ awareness of negative influences and focuses them on the positive influences in their lives.  Join us and RISE ABOVE, CHANGE YOUR LIFE, JOIN THE MOVEMENT, CHANGE THE WORLD!    Visit the official Above the Influence website to learn more about ATI.


REGISTER to join us at this year’s Above the Influence March on Saturday, December 9, 2017!

ATI March Toolkit

Below is the ATI March Toolkit with the supporting activities for Broward County Public Schools choosing to participate in the annual ATI March. We recommend the 2 lessons in this toolkit be taught to students in preparation for the March.  These lessons have been modified from the ATI campaign website’s ATI Activity Guide (also below) and will fit into one class period each.  If your school or class has time, we encourage you to expand upon the activities by accessing the complete ATI Guide and/or utilizing some of the supporting activities.  Here is the ATI Registration Flyer for dissemination and registration.

BCPS Above the Influence March Toolkit: included in the toolkit (make sure to check out the PDF’s attachments) are both primary and secondary lessons, an assembly power point and script, supporting parent materials and much more!

The videos for the assembly and lessons are:

Above the Influence Activities Toolkit 2013


Last Year's March Highlights

Every year the ATI March gets bigger and better. Last year it had over 5,000 students. Check out this compilation video of some of the previous year’s ATI Marches!

Our ATI Partners