Choose peace stop violence weekThe third week of every September we celebrate Choose Peace Week.  This observance campaign helps schools kick off each school year by focusing on creating safe and bullying/violence free environments which peace and inclusiveness are celebrated. Two posters were conceived featuring artwork contributions from Margate Middle School, and Peters Elementary School. For information on the Choose Peace campaign watch our video.

This year’s Choose Peace Week activities mobilizes schools and youth leaders as catalysts for change. To celebrate Peace and Diversity and “Spread Peace Through Kindness” we ask you to join us this year for art projects for Peace.  Watch This Year’s Choose Peace Week in the News!

Flyers, instructions, including promotional materials can be downloaded at // .


Broward County Youth Anti-Violence Coalition

The Broward County Youth Anti-Violence Coalition brings together elected officials, students, law enforcement, faith-based leaders, the business community, charitable foundations, institutions of learning, the media, judges and other stakeholders committed to county-wide change through the implantation of local solutions.  Our goal is to bridge Broward County youth development partners, our youth, and community members to work together to choose peace and stop the violence.

Are you tired of the violence as well?   Be part of the solution! Get involved today by visiting the website:  Want to be inspired?  View this video of what Broward County Schools are doing to celebrate peace!

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