CHAMPSorangeCHAMPs for Classroom Teachers

This 7-part Brainshark series for teachers with active classrooms explores each of the key components of an effectively managed classroom. Each Brainshark focuses on one component in detail, allowing the participant to learn, implement, and practice only one new skill at a time.  These series can be recommended for individual staff and teachers to complete or can used with groups in Professional Learning Communities.

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CHAMPSBeyond CHAMPs for Staff without Assigned Classrooms

This 4 part series is for all staff who may interact with or supervise students but who do not have an actual assigned classroom. This may include Paraprofessionals, Bus Assistants, Support Staff, Cafeteria Staff, Bus Operators, etc.

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CHAMPs II: Creating a Behavior Support Plan

This 6 part Series assists teachers and CPS Teams in creating Behavior Support Plans based on the 4 Step Problem Solving Process. CHAMPs II is designed to assist a small percentage of students who do not respond to Core behavioral classroom strategies, such as CHAMPs, and require Supplemental behavior strategies at Tier 1 or behavior interventions at Tier 2. A BSP may be written for just one student or for a small group of students with the same or similar problem behavior.

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