Project Brain is a Social Norms campaign facilitated in numerous Broward County public schools, grades 6-12.  The Project Brain health campaign empowers youth to prevent or reduce alcohol consumption.  Through the use of the research based Social Norms approach, a change in perception toward alcohol is created resulting in a change in behavior. 


What are you feeding YOUR brain?   Find out what other Broward County  students are, in these videos!

feed meHow is this accomplished?  Social Norms marketing is based on the theory that people’s behavior is influenced by their perceptions of how they think others are behaving “normally” or “typically.”  Research has shown that people’s behavior follows what we think the majority of others are doing. Using social norms marketing to inform people that the majority of their peers do NOT smoke, drink alcohol, drink and drive helps to reduce the likelihood that they will.  Research shows over 80% of Broward County Students choose not to Drink.  Marketing this information reduces the likelihood that students will begin to drink alcohol and can reduce use if they have already begun using this drug.

Project Brain Surveys

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Project Brain Street Teams

Street Team

Project Brain is a Broward County student-driven brain health campaign empowering students to reduce their consumption of alcohol by using the Social Norms Approach in specific schools.  Within each of these schools, there is a “Street Team” of students.   These students promote brain health to by displaying cool posters, screensavers, educating their fellow student peers with presentations, providing fun brain manuals called “Human Brain: Operator’s Manual”, and creating then posting amusing one-sided page journals in the bathroom stalls called “The Stall Seat Journal.” Street Teams Mission:   To prevent under-age drinking by raising awareness and empowering students to make healthy positive choices!

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